We want YOU to get involved in the official lyric video for Katie Sky’s new single ‘Only You.’ Watch the video here and check out the lyrics below!

Verse 1 –

A girl in the playground,
Makin a sweet sound,
Living with no one to please.
A fish in the ocean,
River in motion,
They’re living wild & free.

Pre-Chorus –
You’ve got one life so go live it,
Games on so go win it,
Breaking your doubts on the way,
You’ve got something to believe in,
But time waits for no feeling,
Don’t stop, its yours to take.

Chorus –
Coz Its you, only you, only you,
Sing like you know its true,
Only you can decide if you see this through,
Coz you can do anything,
Yeah, you can do anything.

Verse 2 –
A lawyer, a teacher,
A girlfriend, a preacher,
Thinking that they were to blame,
There’s no need for hiding,
Coz when we stop fighting
Turns out we’re all just the same