Merry Christmas one and all! Hope you got exactly what you wanted and have eaten enough to last until 2011.

Just a quick tip from us at LAB for those of you who received new iPods or iTunes vouchers in their stocking. Stick some great new music from LAB artists on there! Choose from:

Pegasus Bridge – ‘While We’re Young’ (Album, £7.11) – Buy Here
Not Advised – ‘After The Fight’ (Mini-album, £5.53) – Buy Here
The Morning Of – ‘The Way I Fell In’ (Album, £7.99) – Buy Here
Just Surrender – ‘Phoenix’ (Album, £7.99) – Buy Here
Various Artists – LAB: Testing (Compilation Album, £7.99) – Buy Here
MiMi Soya – ‘I Can’t Stand Pop Bands’ (EP, £3.16) – Buy Here
Lost On Campus – ‘In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart’ (EP, £3.95) – Buy Here
Charlee Drew – ‘Sugar Rush’ (Single, £1.58) – Buy Here
Portia Conn – ‘I Don’t Care’ (Single, £2.37) – Buy Here

Thanks so much for your support this year – stick with us in 2011!

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